Arduino Powered Fuel Injector Service

I have been tinkering with my own Arduino powered fuel injector cleaner/testing system. It consists of the Arduino board, Mercedes fuel pump, Volvo fuel rail and filter.

More info and photos after the break.

Here is the Arduino roughly mounted. You can see the power transistor i used to control the injectors. They pull about 6 amps total. Just under that there is another smaller power transistor, all this does is trigger the 12v relay for the fuel pump. Last, is a proto board with the buttons and LEDs mounted.


Back view: The large can is the fuel filter, from a Volvo 850, and a Mercedes fuel pump under it. I used a Volvo 240 head light relay to control the fuel pump, it’s what i had laying in reach.



This is the fuel rail with injectors in it. The rail was pulled from a 240. As you can see the injectors fire into clear PVC tubes so you can see what the spray pattern looks like. It’s not ideal but it works for now.



What’s next:
-Mount electronics in a project box with controls and LEDs top side

-Program runs for flow testing the injectors at 80% duty cycle

-Mounting system for graduated calendars

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